Complete video section in development. 80s Comics will be filmed in the new Intergalactic Space Arcade which is under construction.

You can see Mark work out the bugs as he dives into production with all new gear, an all-new space, and all 1980s comic books!

Over the next year (Future Year 1982) the 80s Comics video section will be complete and feature ALL of the 80s Comics reviews. It'll take some time, so keep coming back to see the evolution.

80s Comics reviews G.I. Joe #30 from 1984. Released 1-6-2022. Though, technically an "experimental" 80s Comics review, Mark still considers it an actual review of the amazing, action-packed G.I. Joe issue #30. Notice the slightly-sloppy color balance and raw audio as we work out the bugs with a new camera, no external mics, and an all-new photo studio (which you can see on the front of

The intro segment turned out super rad. It is also featured in the video release of the CGR Podcast #8. We suspect you'll see it again.

All music clips are from Turbo Volcano.