Transformers #22
Date: November, 1986
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Series: Transformers

Transformers 22 comic book titled "Heavy Traffic" features Transformer characters such as Perceptor, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Skids, and more.

The Insecticons hack Optimus Prime's robot brain! Megatron taps into his command for the Aerialbots to form Superion. This provides the Stunticons with programming to form Menasor which results in a monstrous battle beside a major interstate!

Some irritating humans get in the way, one of them sells out Skids and the other flies half naked covered in tinfoil. It's the 80s, love it.

Writer: Bob Budiansky
Pencils: Ron Perlin
Inkers: Ian Akins and Brian Garvey
Coloring: Nel Yomtov
Letters: Hans Iv
Editor: Don Daley
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter