Micronauts: The New Voyages #2
Date: November, 1984
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Series: Micronauts: The New Voyages

Micronauts The New Voyages 2 comic book features the second part of the series "re-launch" where the Micronauts find themselves inside a bizarre alien being that is seeding the universe with its eggs.

Creative and wacky storytelling mixed with a bizarre, "out-there" science fiction style makes this oddball series worth reading. The art is a bit inconsistent and the storyboarding confusing at times, but otherwise enjoyable and well produced.

Think Guardians of the Galaxy but way weirder!

Story: Peter B. Gillis
Pencils: Kelley Jones
Inks: Bruce Patterson
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colors: Bob Sharen
Editor: Ralph Macchio
High Revolutionary: Jim Shooter