G.I. Joe Yearbook #1
Date: March, 1985
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Series: G.I. Joe Yearbook

Yo Joe! This massive yearbook features one of my favorite G.I. Joe covers, I love the look on Roadblock's face while he casually slings a 50 cal over his shoulder. Snake Eyes and Deep Six look awesome, the Striker commands respect, and Scarlet is forever hot.

Inside readers are blessed with a reprinting of G.I. Joe issue #1, Operation Lady Doomsday. Additionally this contains a recap of the series to date, technical schematics of The Pit, profile cards of your favorite Joes and Cobras, and a G.I. Joe on the Television promo!

Rock 'N Roll from GI Joe Yearbook 1
The Baroness and Major Bludd from GI Joe Yearbook 1
Fire Fly and Storm Shadow from GI Joe Yearbook 1
Operation Lady Doomsday reprint in Gi Joe Yearbook 1
The Pit from G.I. Joe Yearbook 1