G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #18
Date: December, 1983
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero

GI Joe 18 comic book is titled "Destro Returns" and features Destro, Cobra Commander, Hawk, Scarlet, Snake Eyes and more!

Destro lands in Coney Island to capture Scar-Face, but the Joes are there to stop him! After Rock 'N Roll and Torpedo park the Manta with some pretty ladies on the beach, all hell breaks loose as a gunfight breaks out beneath the roller coaster which turns into a car chase through the streets of Brooklyn!

This action-packed issue concludes with a massive battle scene featuring HISS tanks and the G.I. Joe helicopters and motorcycles. But in the end, Cobra wins!

Writer: Larry Hama
Pencils: Mike Vosburg
Inks: John D'Agostino
Coloring: George Roussos
Letters: Edward Norton
Editor: Dennis O'Neil
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter