Ewoks #4
Date: November, 1985
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Series: Ewoks

Ewoks comic book 4 is titled "The Valley of Evil."

Laugh out loud at the Ewoks' stupidity and cry when the swamp monster fails to eat them alive, Ewoks #4 is predictably awful. The Ewoks enter the forbidden zone where they encounter lizard people and a bad exiled Ewok named Graak.

A monster tries to eat them. Teebo is impaled (in the video review, not the actual book) Everyone is sad, because it's Ewoks.

Writer: David Manak
Penciler: Warren Kremer
Inker: Jacqueline Roettcher
Letters: Grace Kremer
Colors: George Roussos
Editor: Sid Jacobson
Executive Editor: Tom DeFalco
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter