Conan the Barbarian #52
Date: July, 1975
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Series: Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian issue 52 is titled "The Altar and the Scorpion!"

After nearly getting himself gored by a wild bull and meeting a new acrobatic friend named Tara, Conan joins forces with his old scoundrel friend named Murilo.

Accompanied by a small army the trio ventures to an ancient city named Ophir where they plan to loot and plunder a secret crypt. What a surprises, it is guarded by a magic violent crystal scorpion!

Bonus: This issue has sweet advertisements for 1970s custom vans and groovy Spider-Man ringer tees!

Writer/Editor: Roy Thomas
Artists: John Buscema & Tom Palmer
Colorist: Phil Rachelson
Letters: John Costanza