Centurions #1
Date: June, 1987
Publisher: DC Comics
Series: Centurions

Centurions comic book 1 is titled "Time Bomb!" Centurions PowerXtreme is based on the 1980s toys and delivers mediocre but entertaining 80s-style action and humor. It's better than I expected.

Meet the Centurions! Three bohunks who wear plastic suits with lots of places to stick missiles, torpedoes, and helicopter blades.

Doc Terror is going to nuke the world but The Centurions are going to stop him! Each bohunk uses his special suit, but in the end it's Magnum P.I. who saves the day with his mustache (and gets the girl!)

Writer: Bob Rozakis
Artists: Don Heck and Al Vey
Special Consultant: Chuckie Rozakis
Letters: Agustin Mas
Colors: Tom Ziuko
Editor: Jonathan Peterson