80s Comics review of MERC #4 from 1987! (1/14/2022)

80s Comics reviews G.I. Joe #30 (1/6/2022)

80s Comics to Resume Production in 2022! 4K test video, December 2021.

Great news everyone! You can read the complete CGR Publishing Studio update HERE.

The 80s Comics parent company, CGR Publishing, is expanding in 2022 with new studio space and all-new recording gear. Series producer, Mark Bussler, plans to bring back 80s Comics as a website exclusive, professionally-produced 4K weekly show to continue our totally rad mission to preserve and celebrate new and old comic books, manga, graphic novels, and fantasy art.

80s Comics will also be part of Operation Turbo Volcano, a secretive project that you will hear about as the space-time continuum is shattered and rebuilt in true 1980s robot fashion. Please follow the CGR Podcast featuring Turbo Volcano to stay up to date with the newest information.

The 80s Comics book series (hardcover and softcover) is in production and slated to be released in 2022 by CGR Publishing via major online retailers. Stay tuned for more information as production continues.

We will be rebuilding this entire website over the next several months to provide all 80s Comics fans with a safe, fun, and enjoyable viewing, listening, and reading experience. Thank you! Stay groovy.

- Mark

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